Calvin on the Secret Counsels of God

Last night some monstrous storms rocked Bloomington. Jake knows enough to be scared of storms like that - he heard about Joplin. Luke, trying to comfort his older brother, was singing "Jesus Loves Me." Last night we saw the news and saw how bad some parts of Bloomington were hit. By God's mercy, nothing compared … Continue reading Calvin on the Secret Counsels of God

Calvin the Uncertain Theologian

I'm only 150 pages into Calvin's Institutes. Yes, I'm a slow reader and I'm reading like six books at the same time. Anyway, one of the first impressions I have regarding¬†the Institutes¬†and its author is his humility. I'm impressed with how many times Calvin simply says 'I don't know', or words to that effect. This … Continue reading Calvin the Uncertain Theologian