Toxic Idea

For the summer I'm leading the Connexion study on "Toxic Ideas" - ideas/presuppositions we've swallowed, often knowingly and usually uncritically. Last Thursday we looked at the idea prevalent in our iPhone obsessed culture that newer is always better, thinking through several key passages that command us to remember and hold onto the past and the Tradition … Continue reading Toxic Idea

>Great Books on Edwards (update)

>This coming Sunday I'm teaching on Revivals and Revivalism in the American church. I've been reminded how much I love Jonathan Edwards and thought I'd pass on my favorite Edwards books (by Edwards or on Edwards):1. Jonathan Edwards: A New Biography, by Iain Murray. It's pretty long, but pretty awesome too! This was my first … Continue reading >Great Books on Edwards (update)

>Jesus Made in America, part 2

>In chapter three of Nichol's book, Jesus Made in America: A Cultural History from the Puritans to the Passion of the Christ, he explores the Jesus of the nineteenth century, focusing our attentions on the different portraits of Jesus that emerged on the frontier, in the parlors of Victorian culture, on the battlefields of Civil … Continue reading >Jesus Made in America, part 2