crazy fun!

This past week or so has been incredibly busy, but with some great fun mixed in there. For example, we had a few t-ball games. The season came to an end, and Caleb was finally hitting balls pitched to him, not just off the tee! He was so excited, and I was so proud. It was great to see his face when he hit it. Out in the field I told him to ‘talk it up’ with the rest of the team – you know, the ‘hey batter batter batter, swing’ chant. He told me he didn’t want to because real baseball players dont’ do that. He’s right, and I can’t fault him for that.

After their last game the all got trophies. Caleb was thilled – it was his “first trophy ever”. The team had a party at ATA Karate – their sponsor. It included a free leason and pizza – he ate them both up. Jacob was ready to get out there and see what he could do against the punching bags. He enjoyed the pizza too.

Wedenesday I took the day off and went up to Indianapolis Children’s Museum with the family. Thanks Tom and Linda. It was a blast. There was so much to see and do, the boys were in a constant frenzy. We had been to the Pittsburgh Childrens Museum, but this blows Pitts away.

Yesterday was Fathers Day, and my family made it incredible. Gifts, then church, naps, and a great dinner! Perfect day. Great week.