How God-Centered are We?

We usually talk a good game when it comes to being God centered. However, I fear that most of us are God centered because we feel God is man centered. In other words, we’ll keep God at the center of our existence and affections as long as we feel God keeps us at the center of his. But this just isn’t the case, and it would be idolotrous if it were. Listen to what Cornelius Van Til says:

“God’s being, with all the fullness of its holy attributes, is the only ultimate object of his will. God wills himself in all that he wills. God wants to maintain all his attributes in all their glory. He is the final or highest goal of all that he does. God seeks and establishes his own glory in all that he does….He seeks his glory. He seeks it and seeking it, sees to it that his purpose in seeking it is accomplished. No creature can detract from his glory; all creatures, willingly or unwillingly, add to his glory…”

So , we aren’t at the center of God’s affections, and to the degree that we are, it’s for his glory – so that he might be glorified as a merciful, patient, gracious God. How does that sit with you? For natural man, that’s insanity, it’s egomaniacal. Only the heart awakened by the Spirit to the supreme worth of God’s glory can be God centered and embrace God’s self-centeredness… and then only in small increments. Oh, for the day when this won’t be controversial, but the greatest statement of joy we can make!

One thought on “How God-Centered are We?

  1. Your Van Til quote reminds me of something I read by Stanley Grenz awhile back. It might have been in his “Theology for the Community of God.” He described the Trinity as a perfect community of love in which each person of the trinity was constantly telling the next “I love you, I love you, I love you…” and so on.

    Anyhow, that’s a bad paraphrase.

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