devotional books

Someone asked me on Sunday night if I could recommend a few devotionals. I thought maybe, with Christmas coming and all, more people might be interested in some good devotional material, so here are a few I would recommend:

A Godward Life, vol.1, by John Piper. This book by Piper contains 120 short devotional readings that include reflections on life, culture, theology and of course the Bible.

A Godward Life, vol.2 by John Piper. This is a second volume by Piper that also contains approx 120 short devotional readings.

For the Love of God, by DA Carson. Many may not know DA Carson but he’s brilliant, and loves God passionately. This book contains a Bible reading plan that will take you through the whole Bible in one year. The devotional readings are in step with the reading plan.

For the Love of God, vol.2, by DA Carson.Same author as volume 1, and same design. Did I mention he was one of my NT profs at Trinity and my advisor (a little name dropping never hurt anyone)!

Devotional Classics, by Richard Foster. This devotional draws upon some of the great devotional writers in the history of the church, offering contemporary reflection on these writings as well.

Valley of Vision, Arthur Bennet, ed. This isn’t technically a devotional, but a collection of Puritan Prayers. I love my copy and use it devotionally quite often.

Face to Face, Praying Scripture for Intimate Worship, by Ken Boa. Again, this isn’t exactly a devotional, but a book that will help you learn how to pray through Scripture. It has been an invaluable aid to my prayer life.

Face to Face, Praying Scripture for Spiritual Growth, by Ken Boa. This is similar to the other volume, the the emphasis is slightly different.

I hope that helps. Merry Christmas.