the food I miss most

I’ve moved a lot in my life, and I always leave behind favorite restaraunts. I’ve been reminising with a few friends recently, and it’s made miss my favorite place. In case you ever visit Endicott or Upstate New York, Chicago or New Castle, PA, here’s a list of the best places.

High School Days:
1. Tony’s Pizza, Endicott, NY. The NY style pizza, calzones and baked zitti. Oh my.
2. Lupo’s Speedies, Endicott, NY. Unless you’re from NY, you just wouldn’t understand. Someone just gave me two bottles of special speedie sauce. I can’t wait to cook it up.
3. Nirchi’s Pizza, Endicott, NY. Owned by a friends famile and with in walking distance of the ZPool, my summer job.
4. Blue Dolphin, Endicott, NY (actually, maybe it was Vestal). I don’t remember anything about it except the Bavarian Cheesecake. It was a meal by itself.

College Years:

1. Pontillo’s, Batavia, NY. The wings were definitely worth the hour drive from Houghton to Batavia. I’ll forever be grateful to Andy Hamm for introducing it to me.
2. The Anchor Bar, Buffalo, NY. Wings again. The birthplace of wings. Again an hour drive, but the atmosphere and wings were worth it.

1. Lou Malnati’s, Chicago, IL. The best of the big three Chicago Pizza chains. Oh, and the chocolate chip pizza. Holy crap that was good.
2. Walker Bro’s, Chicago, IL. The best chocolate chip pancakes in the world.
3. Buffalo Joes, Evanston, IL. Great wings, right down there near NorthWestern.
4. Fuddruckers, Deerfield, IL. It’s a chain, I know, but the burgers and shakes are hard to beat.

New Castle:

1. Little Johnies, New Castle,PA. The best of both worlds – buffalo chicken wing pizza.
2. Steamers, New Castle, PA. The best coffee shop going. That’s where the addiction started I think.

Update: I forgot one. Quaker Steak and Lube, Sharon, PA. That’s the original, though there are copies other places. Go for the all you can eat wing night or the lunch buffet!

4 thoughts on “the food I miss most

  1. EEeeewww…you patronized a Pontillos? I grew up with one of Mr. Pontillo’s heirs, and it was not a fun experience. So I encourage people to avoid it at all costs.

    Next time you’re out that way, check out Mark’s or John’s if you want awesome pizza…

  2. Nothing can beat Pontillo’s wings. I don’t like the one’s in Rochester, but in Batavia, we’d eat ourselves sick!

  3. Psh, way off, Dolphin’s was in between Apalachin and Owego. Don’t try and pull all our restaurants into your realm just because you haven’t been there in a decade… I mean, we only have a couple. I remember I didn’t like very much of it, but there was a reason I kept going back, so they must have had something. I never got desert though. Maybe you were onto something…

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