books I bought today

Thinking more about the intersection between faith and politics led me to purchase two new books today.

I’m not excited about this book. I know it’s so slanted to the right it will make me angry. You can tell just by the endorsements. So why buy it? Just trying to be fair and balanced.

I’m more excited to read this, but from the reviews and endorsements (and title) it seems to slant to the left. It’s so hard to sit on the fence without leaning – you have to read two books!

Having already voted, some might wonder why I’d start reading now. Don’t worry, I’m also registered to vote in Ohio – 12 times.

Also today, I picked up a copy of Biblical Archaeologist, just to prove what a nerd I am. Actually, I’m quite looking forward to reading about the ‘Messiah son of Joseph’ inscription which dates possibly as early as 1st century BCE. Cool.