Metallica leads to a spiritual conversation

Yesterday I was sitting and reading in the Honda dealership, waiting for my paperwork to come through. My phone rang – it rings with Metallica’s One. Another dealer heard the ring, recognized it, came over and we began to talk about our favorite Metallica songs (he’s a bigger fan than me. I’ve never gone to a concert, he’s been to 5). We talked about other heavy metal groups we like, then other genre’s we like. I mentioned I like a lot of the music we sing at my church. He perked up and we began to talk about our respective churches for 30 minutes or so (he goes to a AOG church in Bedford and plays electric guitar in the band).

I just found it interesting that a conversation that started over heavy metal turned to the importance of putting God over family, family over ministry and many other wonderful spiritual topics. Granted, this was an easy transition as we were both believers, but it does make we wonder what other topics could be used as bridges to speak of spiritual things. It’s a skill I’d like to develop more this coming year.