Ever Wonder What Christmas is Like with 3 Boys

Summary: a wonderful mess.

The two oldest boys were awake by 6:30am, though we made them stay in their room and play till Luke woke up around 7:15am. I snuck down to turn on the Christmas lights. We all came down and the boys went nuts seeing the packages under the tree – but before we ripped into the them, we sat and read the Christmas story from Luke and prayed, thanking God for his blessings.

Then the boys took turns opening their gifts. Caleb’s favorite gifts were the pocket knife (I snuck that one past Lynn into his stocking) and the PS2 (used). Jakes was his games (Guess Who, the Marvel Edition and Scooby Doo) and his action figures. Lukes, probably his tools.

The rest of the morning was spent assembling toys and games and showing the older boys how to play their video games (Hot Wheels Racing and Back Yard Baseball). No tears when I broke one of the toys putting it together – the Ben Ten Alien Chamber. I was proud of the both.

After lunch, we had sometime to play and then naps. I needed it as I am not feeling well today and either is Caleb. After naps, we begin cooking the Ham for dinner. It takes a lot longer than we expect. Lynn does most of the cooking and I play with the boys. After Dinner, I clean up since Lynn cooked while she plays with the boys.

Then the fun began. Lynn cries out, ‘Dan, dan, come quick. Help!” I look over and Luke is puking all over the living room as Lynn tries to carry him quickly to the bathroom. Hmmm. Pickles and pineaple don’t settle well in a sick belly. Who knew.

Cleam up and more play. Then baths and showers (for Lynn too since she got puked on). Play and then singing for nightime – O Come all Ye Faithful and Silent Night. Up stairs I get a great hug and Lynn yells at me for being too close to Luke (remember, I’m not feeling well). I hand him off to her and she immediately screams. Whats up? He puked all over her again, this time in her face. They boys are all upset because they’ve got green puke on their bedroom floor (Lucky Charms after the initial puking episode was not a good idea in hindsight).

Clean up, pray with the family and come downstairs, still not feeling well and ready to crash – but maybe after a quick game of Baseball on the PS2.

Life with kids. It takes a strong soul to survive!

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  1. I have one girl (Brooke) and one boy (David) and they both barfed during Christmas but I didn’t feel the need to share. Seems to me your still young at heart. That’s why I still like you guys. God heals all and enables us to clean up barf spots. God bless guys…

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