A Note of Self Congratulation

I am not trendy nor the son of a trendy man (ok, except my cool glasses, and I got a lot of crap about them at first cause they’re trendy and I’m not). I’m always five steps behind everyone in music (I was still listening to Kenny Rogers in the 8th grade), fashion (just ask Lynn), and about everything else – with one notable exception – my Calvinism.

Yep, according to Time the “New Calvinism” is one of 10 Ideas Changing the World Right Now. Here’s the list:

  1. Jobs Are the New Assets
  2. Recycling the Suburbs
  3. The New Calvinism
  4. Reinstating the Interstate
  5. Amortality
  6. Africa, Business Destination
  7. The Rent-a-Country
  8. Biobanks
  9. Survival Stores
  10. Ecological Intelligence

My Calvinistic leanings took hold back in 1997, before it became trendy. There, that’s my pat on the back. (Maybe next week I’ll post on what brought me, and who brought me, to these convictions).