Song of the Week

Well, the only version of this song I could find was on youtube, but the video isn’t too bad. This is an old song. I’ve been thinking about my dad a lot recently (expect some posts about him and from him soon). This is one of his favorites – one we listened to on long trips over and over again (we didn’t mind – it was better than Bette Midler’s “The Rose”, which is another one of his favorites that we had to listen to over and over again).

This song is based on real events (read the whole story). Here are the names recorded in history of the 40 soldiers: The names of the Forty Martyrs of Sebaste are Acacius, Aetius, Aglaius, Alexander, Angus, Athanasius, Candidus, Chudion, Claudius, Cyril, Cyrion, Dometian, Domnus, Ecdicus, Elias, Eunoicus, Eutyches, Eutychius, Flavius, Gaisus, Gorgonius, Helianus, Heraclius, Hesychius, John, Lysimachus, Meliton, Nicholas, Pholoctemon, Priscus, Sacerdon, Servian, Sisinus, Smaragdus, Theodulus, theophilus, Valens, Valerius, Vivanus, and Zanthias.