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For a while I was getting into a bad habit of just reposting other peoples posts. Rather than do that frequently, I’m just going to offer a web roundup once or twice a week. Here’s some good, fun, interesting, bizarre things from around the web:

Free music is always good, especially when it’s good free music. Check out this free download of re-arranged hymns.

Don’t forget you’re gun! Church Leadership guru John Maxwell got arrested at the airport when he forgot he had a handgun someone had given him in his carry-on. Oops. It’s actually a funny story and he’s laughing at himself, so we can laugh too.

This week I also discovered the ESV Chronological Reading Plan is a podcast on iTunes. You can subscribe and listen to the selected daily passages read for free.

If you like dinosaurs (I like them dead and from a distance), then this is a pretty cool find in Svalbard, a Norwegian Island near the North Pole (if you’ve read the Golden Compass you already knew that). Predator X was at least 50 ft. long and had a bit 10x more powerful than T-Rex!

Don’t miss the thoughtful editorial piece in ChristianityToday magazine Reducing Abortion for Real. The piece speaks of the gap in President Obama’s (and other lawmakers) ongoing rhetoric and recent actions. The piece calls for genuine effort on the part of lawmakers and pro-lifers to reduce the number of abortions while also continuing to work at eliminating abortion all together.

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  1. Thanks for the link to the hymns. Come Thou Fount is one of my favorite songs and I’ve been singing it all week. I didn’t have it on my iPod and now I do. 😀

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