Family Worship, recap

This past week we began in earnest our summer long project of making sure our kids have a firm understanding of the Biblical storyline – not just individual stories of the Bible. We started, of course, in the beginning with Creation. We are trying to make the learning multifaceted, including the reading of Scripture together, crafts/projects, and even worship tied to the theme (which we do every night before tucking the kids in). This week we read as a family Genesis 1, Psalm 148, Psalm 33:1-9, John 1:1-18, Colossians 1:15-20, and Genesis 2. We tried to emphasize the power of God, the sovereignty/authority of God as Creator King, the beauty of God’s creation, the Trinity, being made uniquely in the image of God, and the idea that even Adam and Eve had to work. Having a focus to the week has enabled us to capitalize on things in our daily routine and use them as teaching opportunities also. For example, we always go the library. This week, we picked up books on stars and planets, cool plant from North America, sea life, mammals, reptiles, etc. The books, filled with Darwinism helped me talk to Caleb. Jake and Luke liked the pictures and that even gave us the opportunity to talk about how awesome creation is. During the day, the boys drew pictures representing the different days of creation, did sculptures with modeling clay and hopefull, today, we’ll take a walk to enjoy God’s creation. The only song I was able to come up with (here I was kinda lazy, I’ll admit) was All Creatures of our God and King. The kids already knew the first verse, but we were able to look at some of the other as well.

Week one was easy. We were all motivated and it was faily easy to be creative. Actually, more than easy, it was a joy. Next week, talking about the fall, will be more challenging. Good ideas for activities are welcome!

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  1. Please keep blogging about this topic! Our 3-year-old is just getting to the age that we need to start thinking about being even more intentional about things like this. I'd love to hear what ideas you come up with!

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