>Sometimes Older is Better

>This week I’ve been working on a sermon on Romans 7:14-25. I’ve poured through three relatively newer commentaries on Romans. They were good and helpful, but the biggest help was the fourth – an old commentary by Charles Hodge first published in 1835! Clear, pastoral, not overly dense, wonderful.

I’ve had a reading project in mind for some time now – read nothing but dead theologians, commentators, churchmen for a whole year. I like the new guys – some of them at least. But there is something about those old stale churchmen that keeps drawing me back! I want to read more of Edwards sermons, Calvin’s Institutes, Luther’s Bondage of the Will, Augustine’s City of God, more Puritans like Owen and Boston and Baxter. Oh, and I’d love to study the old Confessions, especially the Heidelberg Confession. Any other suggestions to add to my list of dead theologians?

It would be awesome, but I don’t know when I’ll get to it – after all my coursework is completed I guess.