>Song (s) of the Week

>I have no idea what spurred this on, but I’ve had a lot of fun this weekend going taking a time trip back to when I listened to Christian Rock. I don’t know if I could name even two or three Christian hardrock groups now, but in the 80’s and early 90’s, that’s all I listened to. I found a bunch of it on YouTube and decided the month of August is a retro month. I owned all of these CD’s. Ah, actually, cassettes. I listened to them till they stretched out and sounded all distorted.

I’ll start my retro August with a band that is really, really good, and nearly no one know them. Rez, or the Resurrection Band was a pioneer in Christian rock, starting back in 1978 and continuing pretty strong till 1995 or so. Glenn Kaiser is a great bluesy singer, guitar player and started his own band in 2000. Here’s a few sample songs:


“Altar of Pain”

“Silence Screams”