Summer Devos

Each summer I break from whatever devotional series we are doing and do something different with the boys. Tonight I had a great idea for the coming summer and I’m looking forward to developing it for the next couple of months.

The boys listen to a lot of the same music I do; everything from Metallica, Korn and Shinedown (only selected songs – I do have to skip quite a few) to the Civil Wars, Mumford and Sons, and Springsteen. They each have their own taste and their own favorites. The plan is to dissect with the boys their favorite songs. I’m sure their will be points where we’ll have to stress the dissimilarity between the values of their favorite bands and our values informed by God’s word, and that will be a good exercise. However, I hope this project can be more positive than that – affirming the truth of God that comes through even in pagan rock bands. Even pagan rock bands can appreciate beauty, value love (and sex), cry for justice, long for more than this world offers, etc. I’m sure there will be a lot of Schaeffer’s “that’s great, but it doesn’t go far enough.” Anyway, I’m looking forward to getting this one going. Any suggestions or resources would be welcomed.