Destinations Inside Evangelicalism and Some Outside

The most recent issue of Modern Reformation is gripping. The March/April issue contains half a dozen or so articles from and interviews with people who have left evangelicalism for various other options; hence the cover title ‘Exit’. These got me thinking, not only about where I’d go if I left but why I have not exited. It’s certainly not because evangelicalism is perfect – far from it. Or, why haven’t I aligned myself with a specific denomination within evangelicalism. If I did, which would it be. Here’s a few of the top contenders (not in any particular order)

1. The Presbyterian Church a. Evangelical Presbyterian Church b. Presbyterian Church in America c. Orthodox Presbyterian Church d. Reformed Presbyterian Church

2. Reformed Churches a. United Reformed Church b. Christian Reformed Church c. Reformed Church of America

3. The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod

4. Reformed Episcopal

5. Roman Catholic

How about you? Over the next weeks/months, I’ll post on why I’ve stayed put and why I haven’t been lured to specific denominations within evangelicalism or churches outside.