Religious Tolerance

Recently, I was asked to participate in a blog for the IDS religious directory. I was/am hesitant because I know the controversy that can swirl around these kind of discussions. I did, however, decide to enter the fray by commenting on a blog about Religious Tolerance. Here is a quote from the post by Rev. Lynnette Carlson:

Are you aware of how similar the teachings of world religions are when you get to the heart of their messages? For example, many of them have a version of what Christians call the Golden Rule. Check out this website for a sampling: The days when we can afford to tout a single approach to ultimate reality as “the one true religion” are over. The world is at the same time too small and too diverse for such parochialism.

Read the rest of Rev. Carlson’s comments and my response at the new Religion Blog from the IDS. I’d love to get your thoughts, either here or on the IDS spot.